OH & S Policy

Our policy at Statcroft Transport and Civil Engineering Ltd is to comply with the Health, Safety and Welfare Act 2005 and the associated General Application Regulations 2007, Construction Regulations 2006, Fire Safety Act 1981/2003, which set out of ill-health and accidents at work, is to be achieved.

Our Safety Statement is aimed at protecting our staff, clients, contractors and members of the public from work place accidents and ill-health.

The Safety Statement is available to all our employees, outside service providers and Inspectors of the Health & Safety Authority.

It is our policy, when purchasing new equipment or altering / replacing existing equipment to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, that they are free from hazards and of CE quality. The same will apply to all our systems of work.

The required funding and resources to effect this policy will be made available.

We will update this policy as necessary and will review same, at least once per year.

In particular we undertake to comply with all relevant health, safety and welfare legislation to include the following:

  • Provision of safe workplace.
  • Safe access and egress routes.
  • Safe system of work / safe equipment.
  • Provision of appropriate personal protective equipment.